Focus on: The Puffer

Posted on 21 October 2016

Your Autumn/ Winter look is always defined by what you put over the top of it – no matter what is in your wardrobe, and now there is a noticeable autumn chill in the air we are faced with the perennial autumn-to-winter sartorial dilemma of what sort of coat to wear when we venture outside.

The trusty leather biker jacket just isn’t quite warm enough to ward off the occasional gusts of icy wind whilst waiting for an Uber, yet a newly coveted thick Winter coat leave us sweating profusely once we are inside it.  As a result we have been spending the past few days in a constant state of coat on/coat off limbo.   Not a problem of grave importance we admit, but one that needs acknowledging, and we now have the solution: the padded coat, or known to most as the puffer.  With a new season, comes a plethora of new styles, and the trend shows no sign of abating. 

Eddie Bauer invented the first puffer jacket in 1936 and since then it has only grown in popularity amongst the fashion world. Bauer nearly lost his life to hypothermia whilst on a fishing trip in mid-winter in Washington State, but luckily made it off the mountain with a goal of changing the world of outdoor pursuit and adventure, which he did, without knowing what legacy he would leave the fashion world.

The ‘puffer’ he designed was filled with down which was kept in place by quilting the jacket and creating small diamonds that would evenly distribute the heat throughout the whole piece, while sealing it off with ribbed cuffs and collars that helped to trap the heat and block out the wind – it was a huge success.

Puffer jackets have since been popular since the 1990s, and seem to be having something of a renaissance. They feature heavily along both Bond Street and the High Street alike, all with more flattering and body slimming shapes, or with features such as the tight fitting jersey cuff used on both the ENLIST Olivia Jacket and Ellie Jacket which are designed to flatter instead of engulfing. Feeling like a Michelin man is now a thing of the past!

The puffer jacket is light- weight yet warm with a puffball filling, whether it be longline or cropped, it is the cosiest thing going, and is perfect for those mornings when you’d rather stay wrapped up in bed.

With an open ended black metal zipper, wide side seam pockets, and knitted ponte sleeves the ENLIST puffer is the chicest way to have an out and about duvet day.

Oliva Jacket

Ellie Jacket

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