Igor Buercher, GM of W Hotel in Amsterdam

Posted on 28 December 2016

Swiss born and now based in Amsterdam, Igor has over 20 years in the Luxury hotel industry and now the GM of the new W Hotel in Amsterdam opened in late 2016. Igor has brought contemporary luxury to Amsterdam at the W Hotel and an eye for fashion and design.
Igor is pictured here at the W Hotel in Amsterdam, wearing Roll Neck Sweater
Photographed using Apple iPhone 6

Where are you from originally and where do you live
Originally I am from Switzerland but I have been on the road for over 20 years living in various countries. For the past 2 years I am now living in Amsterdam.

Who or what last made you laugh out loud
Following the twists of a recent presidential campaign.

Who or what inspires you
The other day I revisited a video documentary about Dale Chihuly, an American glassblower and sculptor.

Your words to live by
Explore the world!

What cause or causes do you feel passionate about
I tend to support local animal shelters in whichever location I happen to live.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given
I used to have a major phobia about public speaking. My boss at the time told me “Igor, don’t worry so much. Half of the people in the room will not listen, and the other half have no idea what you are talking about”.

Your London in an hour
I used to live in London so if I just had an hour I would go down memory lane and have a glass of white wine and a meal at Le Boudin Blanc in Shepherd Market.

Your favourite London view
My favourite stroll would start early morning at Green Park, then crossing over to St James Park towards Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Its classic London indeed but very special early mornings before the hustle and bustle.

Are you working on anything at present
We are in the final stages of the W Amsterdam project – we opened doors last year with the Exchange building and we recently opened the Bank building with a final venue to be added early 2017. We have created a new destination in this vibrant city and are showcasing a new and contemporary level of luxury in the city.

Describe your style
Adaptable! Generally laid back with touches of elegance here and there. As the General Manager of W Amsterdam, I both represent a business while ensuring the contemporary & bold W DNA is reflected in what I wear. Nowadays, I wear quite a bit of local designers – our X BANK store showcases more than 180 local brands.

Whose style do you most admire, past or present
The one and only Tom Ford.

Favourite piece from the ENLIST collection
I love the Band Sweater but love the elegance of the entire collection.

Igor Edit

Roll Neck Sweater 

Band Sweater

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