James Lo, Designer

Posted on 09 October 2017

James Lo is a London born, Cardiff and Essex raised freelance graphic designer and dancer. Having recently left his barista job James took to travelling over the summer months visiting China, but more specifically Hong Kong where his family is from. Unsure what his next role will be once back, James will definitely continue designing and dancing his way through London.

James is pictured here wearing the Shell Hooded Coat

Where are you from originally and where do you live
I was born in London, raised in Cardiff for the first half, then Essex for most of the second and now I’m living in London, but my family’s origin is from Hong Kong,

Who or what last made you laugh out loud
I recently tried to make plans with a friend but she told me she was busy and couldn’t meet. Later in the day I walked into an arcade to kill time while waiting for a bus and see someone collecting their really long ticket winnings from a game…it was my friend – clearly she was busy – busy winning at arcade games!

Who or what inspires you
Dylan Mayoral, he was the first dance teacher I ever had.

Your words to live by
Be vulnerable, that's when you’re in your most honest state, which is how I believe everyone should be.

What cause or causes do you feel passionate about
Young people making a difference and fighting for a cause, this will lead to hopefully inspiring the next generation.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given
Everything Elliott Hulse has said, specifically his life metaphor of ‘letting the paddle down, and going with where the river flows’.

Your London in an hour
Street food along Brick Lane, a cold pint in a beer garden nearby with music – all in good company.

Your favourite London view
The Sky Garden, you get to see all of London and it’s beautiful landmarks and more, all at once.

Are you working on anything at present
I travelled to Hong Kong over the summer, and I’m planning a few more trips – no concrete plans yet but I want to see more of the world.

Describe your style 
I love monochrome outfits and would describe my style as ‘Monochrome Summer Festival’

Whose style do you most admire, past or present
I'm a big fan of model’s Toni Mahfud and Joey London’s style

Favourite piece from the ENLIST collection
I really like the shirt and jacket I wore for the shoot (Daniel Shirt and Scooter Jacket)

 James Edit

Shell Hooded Coat

Daniel Striped Cotton Shirt 


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