Oliver Proudlock

Posted on 13 November 2017

Oliver Proudlock, TV personality, fashion blogger and fitness enthusiast was born and raised in London. In 2011 he launched his own fashion label  Serge DeNimes which offers exclusive seasonal collections of urban apparel and accessories, the brand also saw a sought after collaboration with jewellery designer Theo Fennell.  Oliver regularly works on his style blog ‘Proudlockstyle.com’ keeping everyone up to date on the brands he loves and his style obsessions.

Proudlock is pictured here in Kensington wearing the Shearling Coat

Who or what last made you laugh out loud
My girlfriend she is always goofing around, and constantly makes me giggle.

Who or what inspires you
I am inspired by immediate surrounds: the chaotic, culturally diverse and volatile urban atmosphere. In terms of individuals I look up to Pharrell Williams, he is constantly breaking boundaries and is always innovating.

Your words to live by
Don’t just love it, live it.

What cause or causes do you feel passionate about
There’s a history of heart conditions in my family, and for several years now I have been an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation. I have been lucky enough to take part in numerous challenges over the years raising money for this amazing charity.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given
Stay positive no matter what

Your London in an hour
I would spend it in Covent Garden. It’s one of my favorite places in London, awesome shops, food and entertainment.

Your favourite London view
From Albert Embankment looking out towards Westminster

Are you working on anything at present
Currently, I am focusing on the release of Serge DeNimes new jewellery line that will be live from the 10th December. I have been working on this collection for several months, and I am so excitement to show everyone. Unique designs, all made from Solid Sterling Silver but at an affordable price.

Describe your style
Eclectic, laid back, and occasionally outlandish.

Whose style do you most admire, past or present
I have 3 style icons, all of whom have their own niche. Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and Pharrell Williams.

Favourite piece from the ENLIST collection
I love the Shearling Coat - so warm and perfect for the cold winter days. 

Oliver's Edit:

                                 Shearling Coat

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