Plum & Alice Sykes, Sisters

Posted on 31 October 2016

Plum Sykes is an English born author and journalist, famous for her books detailing life as a single girl in New York, Bergdorf Blondes and The Debutante Divorcee, and is a contributing editor for American Vogue. She lives in Gloucstershire with her husband, and two children. Her sister Alice runs her own boutique PR agency and lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, the photographer Chris Floyd, and their two daughters.

Plum & Alice Sykes pictured here in Alice's home, wearing Emily Sweater.
Photographed by Chris Floyd


Who or what last made you laugh out loud
Plum: The Trump/Clinton Debates – totally unintentionally, but completely comical, you couldn’t write what’s going on if you tried
Alice: The last thing that made me laugh out loud was listening to a Little Britain on my 12 year olds headphones…

Who or what inspires you
Plum: My boss, Anna Wintour – an amazing mentor, person, and creative genius
Alice:  Teachers , Nurses , people that do really really hard jobs… it inspires me to push on even if some days you don’t feel like it!

Your words you live by
Plum: Be kind
Alice: Do the best you can until you know better and then when you know better do better

What cause or causes do you feel passionate about
Plum: I tend not to support only one charity but will more often than not always give something when asked - i.e. Red Cross, all animal charities, anything to do with the countryside.
Alice: I always get involved with Comic Relief – there are so many amazing charities but it really helps to get the kids involved in something they get excited about and that’s why I think Comic Relief is so brilliant as it inspires all generations to help together.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given
Plum: Both Graydon Carter (editor of Vanity Fair), and Anna Wintour said I should write back, and having almost finished my third novel, I have never looked back.
Alice: Paddle your own canoe

Your London in an hour
Plum: I adore the walk from our flat in Bayswater along Westbourne Grove, always stopping at Diptyque to try their new fragrances and buy their delicious candles, browsing in a few other shops and then finishing with a well-earned lunch at Daylesford.
Alice: My London in an hour … this has to start with coffee in L’Angolo the best Italian deli in the world .. it’s in Kensal Green where we used to live and is run by the legendary Carmelo, I usually get stuck there for a few hours… so that’s my hour already gone!

Your favourite London view
Plum: The Serpentine in the early morning
Alice: The view from Waterloo bridge gets me every time

Are you working on anything at present
Plum: I’m very excited about my new book which will be out in June next year – a comic murder mystery called ‘Party Girls Die in Pearls’, published by Bloomsbury.
Alice: I run a small boutique PR agency so I am always working on something …right now I am working with Anthropologie, we have just opened a new shop in Leeds and I am also working with a lovely company called Doodlenest who turn your kid’s art into fabulous bespoke personal books … the prefect Christmas present …

Describe your style
Plum: Laid back and relaxed with a mixture of English heritage and heavily influences by American Sportswear – clean simple lines, easy to wear athleisure
Alice: My Style … I love colour, neon’s, metallic, a bit of bling …I love vintage and eclectic pieces … so I guess my style is quite hard to describe, but put it this way, you can see me coming! 

Whose style do you most admire, past or present
Plum: Taylor Swift – she looks good in whatever she wears, always dresses to suit her age and shows off to the max her insanely amazing figure
Alice: I love effortless style, the real deal so I think girls like Sofia Coppola and Maggie Gyllenhaal always look great!

Favourite piece from the ENLIST collection
Plum: Ooh I loved the entire collection, both men’s and women’s, but the standout pieces were the Victoria Sweatshirt and the Rust Roll Neck Sweater (from the menswear) which I’ve bought in an XS
Alice: Love Love Love the little Lana Blazer  – so easy to throw on with Jeans and smarten up that casual look … I must get the trousers to match!

 Plum & Alices edit

                        Emily Sweater 

                                        Victoria Sweatshirt 
                                        Roll Neck Sweater
                            Lana Blazer

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