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We've sourced the highest quality to fabrics, from around the world to make the clothes you love last a lifetime.


Once reserved for royalty and nobility in ancient China, Chinese silk spread to the rest of the world along the Silk Road. The best is still made by artisans in the 'City of Silk', using secret methods honed over generations, resulting in a fabric which is lustrous with a beautiful drape yet has a modern feel when handwashed for a matte finish.


Tanned from the hide of the goat the leather is split with the top layer into nappa leather and the second lay er is made into suede with fine velvet surface feel .Originating from Italy all our suede is shipped to a family run businesses in Turkey where it is dyed with natural colours and crafted into our beutufil garments. 


Our shearling is 100% genuine and comes straight from the sheep reared on the plains of New Zealand which is then shipped into a family run business in Turkey where it is transformed into our beautiful garments.


Our 100% genuine Sheep Nappa, sourced in Italy is particularly lightweight with a soft, supple and smooth finishing. This results in garments which are delicate and cling to your shape, resulting in flattering silhouettes.


We source from Italy for the best merino wool available. They have the knowledge and expertise to carefully choose their wool and process it ot the highest standard. Biella, a norther town in the region of Piedmont has been leading the manufacturing of wool since the 1800s. This fine yarn created perfect warm breathable knitwear which retains warm at the same time. Due to its high quality elasticity, merino wool is also much better at keeping its designed shape. ALl our merino wool can be machine washed for easy care and gets better with every wear.


Warmer than wool, more durable than mohair and more exclusive than cashmere, Alpaca has a rich history stemmed in teh gods and royal class of South American culture. From high in the Peruvian Andes it's one of the finest luxury naturally harvested fibres in the world; incredibly soft with a silk-smooth texture so fine it was once reserved for Incan raoyalty. Luckily for us, we mere mortals can now swathes ourseves in its luxurious softness as well.

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